The Industry of Lies by Alex Alvarova

In 2013 an openly pro-Russian candidate was elected President of the Czech Republic, a country with no love lost for Russia. The election-result earthquake set off a series of aftershocks that continue to rumble across the Czech political and social landscape.

The Czech Republic, whose respected 1989 Velvet Revolution brought a democratic transfer of power from communist dictatorship to Westernstyle democracy, is now a land split into two opposing sides. As a result, one hostile population segment glares at the other with mistrust, anger and fear across a void formerly occupied by a pragmatic and rational majority.

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The Industry of Lies by Alex Alvarova

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Important notice

The precise translation of the original title is "The Industry of Lies." Unfortunately, this is the name of a book that already exists (Israeli author Ben Dror Yemini). The team of Alexandra Alvarova is currently looking for a better name. However, in the text of this Synopsis and the List of Chapters, we have left the original name "The Industry of Lies" as a tentative (production) title. We apologize for any inconvenience created by two different brands.

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