9. 4. 2019

Did Russia meddle in Magadascar’s election?

A BBC investigation has revealed that at least six candidates were offered money by Russians in the lead up to last year’s presidential elections in Madagascar. […]
18. 4. 2019

Build Trump the Bloody Wall!

Essay by Alex Alvarova. Since long before the days of Jericho, a sure-bet method to keep hostile invaders out was to build a wall, sturdy, impenetrable, […]
17. 9. 2019

Alex Alvarova Tour on Propaganda and Fake News

Public Lectures on Propaganda and Fake News in all provincial capitals of the Czech Republic. Prague, Brno, Zlin, Tabor, Olomouc, Beroun, Trinec, Ostrava, Liberec. Alexandra Alvarova […]