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The Book by Alex Alvarova

Help us to translate the successful czech book on the subject of Russia's strategy of altering the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential elections.
The truth deserves to be told.

The world is in a war. In a very special one.
It keeps its victims unaware of their wounds.
It hurts the mind instead of the flesh.

This war cannot be won unless we do everything in our power to let everybody know the full scale of the challenge we are currently facing. No bullets or bombs are needed this time. We need knowledge and the ability to assess critically every piece of information.

This book tries to raise awareness and strip the Propaganda and Reflexive Control from as much of its power as possible. The West is none the less vulnerable than Central Europe, but the consequences can be far more dangerous.

The truth deserves to be told.
Please, help us to spread the word.
Because Donald is just the begining.

Help us to release the English version of the book. The truth deserves to be told and understood. Donate now. Share. And pray. Thank you all.

Read the synopsis and the list of chapters